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Anhinga American Crow American Avocet American Robin Bittern Blackbird Black Skimmer Bluebird Black-necked Stilt Bobolink Brant Brown Creeper Bunting   Indigo Bunting   Lazuli Bunting   Painted Bunting Bushtit Cedar Waxwing Common Chachalaca Chickadee Common Gallinule Common Pauraque Common Yellowthroat Cormorant Crested Caracara Crossbill Cuckoo Curlew Dickcissel Dove Dowitcher Duck   American Wigeon   American Black Duck   Black-bellied Whistling Duck   Bufflehead   Canvasback   Common Goldeneye   Gadwall   Long-tailed Duck   Mallard   Mandarin Duck   Merganser   Northern Pintail   Northern Shoveler   Redhead   Ring-necked Duck   Ruddy Duck   Scaup   Scoter   West Indian Whistling Duck   Wood Duck Eagle  Bald Eagle  Golden Eagle Egret  Cattle Egret  Great Egret  Reddish Egret  Snowy Egret European Starling Falcon  Crested Caracara  American Kestrel  Peregrine Falcon Finch  American Goldfinch  House Finch  Lesser Goldfinch Flycatcher  Vermillion Flycatcher Geese  Cackling Goose  Canada Goose  Chinese Goose  Egyptian Goose  Snow Goose Gnatcatcher Godwit  Marbled Godwit  Black-tailed Godwit Grackle Great Kiskadee Gray Catbird Grebe  Clark's Grebe  Eared Grebe  Horned Grebe  Least Grebe  Western Grebe Grosbeak  Blue Grosbeak  Rose-breasted Grosbeak Gull Hawk  Cooper's Hawk  Harris's Hawk  Northern Goshawk  Northern Harrier  Osprey  Red-shouldered Hawk  Red-tailed Hawk  Sharpshinned Hawk  Swainson's Hawk
Ring-necked Pheasant Heron  Black-crowned Night Heron  Great-blue Heron  Green Heron  Little-blue Heron  Tricolored Heron  Yellow-crowned Night Heron Hummingbird  Anna's Hummingbird  Broad-tailed Hummingbird  Buff-bellied Hummingbird  Black-chinned Hummingbird  Ruby-throated Hummingbird  Rufous Hummingbird Ibis  Glossy Ibis  White Ibis  White-faced Ibis Jay  Blue Jay  Green Jay  Steller's Jay  Scrub Jay Junco Killdeer Kingbird  Couch's Kingbird  Eastern Kingbird  Western Kingbird Kinglet  Ruby-crowned Kinglet  Golden-crowned Kinglet Kingfisher Kite Loggerhead Shrike Loon Magpie Meadowlark  American Pipit Merlin Northern Cardinal Northern Mockingbird Northern Gannet Nuthatch  Red-breasted Nuthatch  White-breasted Nuthatch Oriole  Altamira Oriole  Audubon's Oriole  Baltimore Oriole  Bullock's Oriole  Hooded Oriole Owl  Barn Owl  Barred Owl  Burrowing Owl  Great-horned Owl  Screech Owl Oystercatcher  American Oystercatcher  Black Oystercatcher Parrot Pewee Phoebe  Black Phoebe  Eastern Phoebe  Say's Phoebe Pelican  American White Pelican  Brown Pelican Plover Purple Martin Pyrrhuloxia Rail  Clapper Rail  Sora Raven Rudy Turnstone Quail  California Quail Sandhill Crane Sandpiper Sapsucker  Red-bellied Sapsucker  Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Snipe Sparrow  Fox Sparrow  Golden-crowned Sparrow  Lincoln's Sparrow  Savannah Sparrow  White-crowned Sparrow Swallow Swan  Black Swan  Mute Swan  Tundra Swan
 Red-headed Tanager  Scarlet Tanager  Summer Tanager Teal  Blue-winged Teal  Cinnamon Teal  Green-winged Teal Tern  Black Tern  Caspian Tern  Forster's Tern  Royal Tern Thrasher  Brown Thrasher  Curve-billed Thrasher  Long-billed Thrasher Thrush  Hermit Thrush  Ovenbird  Veery Towhee  California Towhee  Eastern Towhee  Spotted Towhee Turkey Vireo  Black-capped Vireo  Blue-headed Vireo  Red-eyed Vireo  White-eyed Vireo Yellow-throated Vireo Vulture  Black Vulture  Turkey Vulture Warbler Wilson's Phalarope Willet Whimbrel Woodpecker  Acorn Woodpecker  Downy Woodpecker  Golden-fronted Woodpecker  Hairy Woodpecker  Ladder-backed Woodpecker  Northern Flicker  Pileated Woodpecker  Red-bellied Woodpecker  Red-headed Woodpecker Wren  Bewick's Wren  Carolina Wren  House Wren Yellow-breased Chat
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